After careful consideration I have decided to recommence both one to one and group lessons. This has not been an easy decision because, my business is located at my family home and whilst I want to help all my friends and clients bring on their dogs and enjoy us coming together in a group lesson, I also need to ensure that my family are not put at risk. I am also able to offer one to one lessons. Can I please ask that anyone coming for a lesson follows the protocols below:

  • Please remain in your vehicle until you are give a thumbs up to exit.
  • Avoid making ANY contact with gates or otherwise.
  • Dogs to be on leads whilst on the yard. I cannot at this time, offer toilet facilities so the barn is closed to clients. Please do not touch my dogs whilst you are at Ironpitts.
  • Please ensure you adhere to social distancing with other clients.
  • Please bring hand sanitiser with you for use during the lesson, along with your own dummy, whistle, bag etc.
  • I will ask you to throw dummies out to me in the lesson. NB it is very possible that in a group lesson we will have cross contamination on dummies so consider taking the dummy from your dog with your non dominant hand and then pop in your bag.
  • Please use hand sanitiser after you have handled a dummy that is not your own.
  • When the lesson has finished please pop any dummies that are not your on the concrete in front of the barn and collect your own whilst maintaining social distancing from other clients.
  • Please give your hands a final sanitise once you have returned dummies that are not your own. You may also want to consider putting a plastic bag inside your gundog bag as protection from other dummies and also airing your dummy outside for a couple of days when you get home.
  • Bring correct money to place in payment box.

Assessments remain at £30 along with one to one lessons and we look forward to welcoming many new clients. Group lessons remain at £25/handler.
Bookings by phone/text 07886 641399

Suggested check list:
2x 1/2lb dummies
2x 1 lb dummies
Puppy dummy ( if necessary)
Play item i.e. ball, soft toy.
Small game bag
Slip lead
Acme whistle:
Spaniel 210/and 1/2
Labrador 211
All items are available from Sporting Saint , either on line or by phone. Please mention Ironpitts Gundogs when ordering.

Any advice needed, please contact me by phone/text on 07886 641399